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Fun and exciting things to do in Singapore and Malaysia


If you love traveling and exploring the cultures of the different countries in the world, then you should head to Southeast Asia. Here, you will find exotic places with friendly and hospitable locals, not to mention the delightful food and delicacies.

Two of the countries that you should visit are Singapore and Malaysia, both of which are interesting places. And the good thing is traveling between these two places is quite easy since they are connected by land. You can cross the border through a bus or train, and you won’t have to worry about going to the terminals to get you a ticket or make an advance booking because you can conveniently do it on the Internet.

What to do in Singapore and Malaysia

These two are tourism-friendly nations, and they have a lot of tourist attractions. No wonder why thousands of travelers are heading to the said destinations to take a vacation and enjoy their holidays.

Here are some fun and exciting things that you can do in Singapore and Malaysia:


236ngtThere are various things that you can do in SG. You can go to Sentosa Island and enjoy its sandy beaches. You can sunbathe or experience the thrill of scuba diving, surfing, or snorkeling. If you are not into water activities, then might as well go for sightseeing. The main island of Singapore has a lot of skyscrapers – amazing buildings with wonderful architectural designs. You can also visit the historical landmarks as well as the shopping malls and the luxurious hotels that are truly world-class. At night time, you might want to consider visiting the bars and clubs where you can have a beer and meet new friends.


Malaysia is another stunning country that you can go to. It is rich in cultural heritages. If you go to its capital, which is called Kuala Lumpur, you will also see fantastic tall buildings. Don’t forget to visit the Petronas Twin Tower, one of the most popular landmarks in the country.

987bhgJust like Singapore, Malaysia also has all sort of entertainment from shopping malls to bars. If you plan on sightseeing, you should include Batu Caves, Merdeka Square, and National Art Gallery just to mention a few on your list. If you love going to the beach, you can go to Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Besar, Pulau Tioman, Turtle Beach, and much more.
There are so many activities that you can do in Singapore and Malaysia. You just have to plan ahead to ensure that you will have the best vacation ever.

Traveling from Singapore to Legoland by Bus


Legoland is becoming a preferred destination for many people today. It is because of the development that is taking place in it. The attraction is due to the business transactions as well as the tourism sites. New parks are coming up to cater for all manner of individuals flocking the route from Singapore. Both citizens and non-citizens now frequent the places in the city. It happens mostly during weekends and holidays when they are free to take a memorable trip. Whether they are Malaysian or tourists from abroad, people have found it necessary to access Legoland by bus from Singapore. For the bus tickets from johor to Legoland click here. Taking a bus to travel from Singapore to Legoland is popular because of several reasons as stipulated below:



kkjjkjkjkkjkjkIt is more suitable to take a bus to Legoland from Singapore than any other means of transportation. It is because the distance between these two beautiful places is 45km only. For this reason, you will only spend about forty minutes to reach your destination. In addition to its nearness, taking a bus will allow you to explore the route. You can view remarkable landscape on your way, a phenomenon that will leave stunned and mesmerized. The third factor making it convenient to travel along this route by bus is the availability of buses. Several companies have invested in the transport industry facilitating movement between Singapore and Legoland. Some of them include Superior Coach & Tour and WTS Travel & Tours.


It is sensible to travel by bus due to the availability of buses transporting tourists and other citizens along this route. You have a guarantee that whenever you want to move from Singapore to Legoland, you will find a bus to take you there. The reliability of these buses is a good thing because it can make you plan your journey. You have the liberty to board at your appropriate time making it realistic. The most reflective element of this trip is the cost. The bus ticket from both sides is ranging from SGD12 TO SGD12.5 only. The price of the bus fare is affordable for most people thus reasonable to travel by bus.


hggggghAnother exciting thing about using a bus is the characteristics and services provided. You can opt to book a bus ticket online. Therefore, you have an opportunity to save money and time you could spend to book manually. The buses have all the equipment necessary to make your journey comfortable. They have the latest facilities. They also have leg spacing and armrest that make you feel at ease as you travel. Everyone also has the choice of selecting the pick-up and drop-off point in Singapore