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What to see in Randwick


Are you planning on visiting Randwick but you don’t know what to anticipate for or are you looking for a guide to affirm your decision on visiting Randwick? Whatever you may be looking for, Randwick will offer it all. It is one of the most visited places outside Sydney central business district. Filled with natural and artificial sceneries, fancy hotels, restaurants and other highly rated establishments, Randwick is truly a great point to set off any adventure in Sydney.

So to answer the question on what to see in Randwick below is a detailed guide on five the most amazing things and places to watch out for:

1. The Randwick Racecourse

Get to see the world-class six-level royal and grandstand which spans more than 210 acres offering more than 15 unique spaces both indoor and outdoor. This royal racecourse offers an amazing setting with a super unique backdrop of trackside as well as the cityscape views, modern cuisine and not forgetting the state of the art technology.


2. Museum of human disease

This is Australia’s only place where pathology collection is publicly accessible. It houses more than 2,000 specimens of diseased human tissues. This is one place you will get to learn a lot about various infectious, both genetic and lifestyle-related diseases that actually changed the world.

3. Ritz Cinema

Randwick never limits you only to natural things. At Ritz Cinema you get to watch the latest movies on big screens as well as optimally adjusted surround sound system. This is one true destination for film lovers of all ages. It was built in 1937, and now it is used for keeping traditions as well as the heritage for it is one of the only two early and original Art Deco cinemas still standing in the entire Sydney.

4. The East Lake Golf Course

Sydney is a land filled with courses and unlike the others, the East Lake course is a public club implying that it is open to all people visiting this place. It is located in Sydney’s wetlands, and it has been transformed recently into the state of the art facility for both golfers and the other people taking a tour in it during their vacations. It is packed with great foods and drinks options in the course and the Clubhouse next to it.


5. Fred Hollows Reserve

Situated in the heart of Randwick City, Fred Hollows Reserve is a unique vegetated Gully which is a true natural place in Glebe. It has a 30-minute-walk footbridge which is all built on a creek. It is packed with picnic facilities which will give you natural viewing sites which will allow you to take in much of the flora and fauna that is just sitting in the tranquil space.

Book your Randwick Accommodation today and have a pleasant stay in the said destination.