Travel Alerts

The Saga of Worldwide Travel Alerts

Double trouble for Americans travelling abroad, as the US State Department issued worldwide travel alert starting on Monday 23rd November 2015, until February.

Mild attention has also been advocated in January and July.

Though the authorities have advised citizens of the state not to panic and only be mindful in crowded public places, nonetheless it is bound to cause a state of anxiety and affect global tourism.

The exhortation comes after ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) attacks on the French capital leaving 130 people dead and 400 seriously injured.

According to the State, terror threat may still be looming large with members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) heading home.

The US State Department has earlier put out travel alerts to specific regions often but global travel warnings have not been too many.

Here is a brief worldwide travel alert history.


  • After the Death of Osama Bin Laden

The United States of America issued a travel warning for all its citizens living abroad, cautioning them of Anti American vengeance after the death of terrorist mastermind Osama in Pakistan. The President warned American nationals to stay confined in homes or hotels and avoid crowded public events at all occasions.

The warning was issued on 2nd May 2011 and was in effect till 1st August 2011.

  • cross-157492_640Following Al Qaeda Leader’s Termination

With the termination of Al Qaeda leaders Anwar-al-Awlaki and Samir Khan in Yemen, a new travel alert was issued in 2011 yet again, warning Americans abroad of violence and revenge attacks against US citizens as a counterstrike.

The alert was issued from 1st October 2011 and expired on 30th November 2011.

  • Suspecting Terror Attacks Planned in Yemen

In August 2013, US State Department shut down 13 of its embassies and warned citizens abroad of impending terrorist threats.

Interception of signals from Al Qaeda planning massive terror outbreak was cited the reason.

The travel alert remained in force through the month of August and warned nationals to avoid public transportation and mass gatherings.

  • In The Wake of Sydney Café Siegewatch-tower-802102_1920

After the lone Iranian gunman, holding 18 hostages for over 48hrs at Lindt Chocolate Café, Sydney was shot down in mid December, United States urged its citizens to be on high alert.

The alert was issued on 19th December 2014, realizing that terror attacks were not limited to organization and could occur anytime, anywhere.

  • Aftermath of Worldwide Travel Alerts

The most recent travel alert comes with the holiday season and is sure to affect global tourism.

A new concern would be the US Presidential elections of 2016, with travel threats affecting the candidates’ campaigns.

However, worldwide travel alert history is proof that the potency of travel alerts diminishes rapidly and the impact is often short lived.