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Weather and Climate in Laos

Located in the southeastern Asia, Laos People’s Republic has captured the heart of many.

Since It has an undiscovered environment and unperturbed culture, it is fast becoming a must go for any kind of travel and adventure tourist.

The simple but beautiful village life makes a refreshing change as compared to the fast paced atmosphere of other parts of Asia.

The warm welcome provided by the somewhat shy but reserved Laotians makes the visit to the country an unforgettable experience.

But what’s the weather like in Laos?


  • Temperature

Laos mainly consist of a mountainous terrain coupled with lower areas along the borders.

Mekong River which is the lowest part has an average altitude of about 70 meters above the sea level while the highest point in the country is 2,817 meters.

This huge difference in altitude causes unstable precipitation patterns in the country.

For instance, while it may be sunny on the leeward side, the windward side of the mountain may rain for several days.

Also, it may be 5-10 degrees cooler in places where it does rain all the time.

The average maximum temperature in lower areas is 26-30 degrees Celsius during winter and 33-38 degrees during April which is the hottest month.

  • Laos seasons

laos-337014_640Laos has two basic seasons: rainy season and dry season.

Rainy season; the rainy season has a heavy downpour for a few hours every few days and runs from May to October.

Since during the rainy season the humidly is much higher than the normal days, the temperature feels much higher than it should be.

This makes it very hard to travel during this time.

However, this does not last long because when the temperature and humidity is at its peak what follows is a heavy downpour.

But after a heavy downpour, you will appreciate a cleaner, fresher, cooler air.

Dry season; although this can last from November to April the following year, it is further divided into a cool dry season which is November to February and a hot dry season which runs from March to April.

Ideally, it is advisable to visit the country during the cool, dry, season but it is much more expensive since it is the peak season.

Although it is uncomfortable to visit the country around April, it might be interesting especially if you want to observe the culture during festival season.

  • Hurricaneswaterfall-141771_640

Laos is a landlocked country which is protected by mountains hence the number of hurricanes that eventually reaches it is small.

However, if hurricanes do reach it, they tend to leave a lot of destructions and even serious causalities.

In summary, that is what’s the weather like in Laos.