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What to see in Randwick


Are you planning on visiting Randwick but you don’t know what to anticipate for or are you looking for a guide to affirm your decision on visiting Randwick? Whatever you may be looking for, Randwick will offer it all. It is one of the most visited places outside Sydney central business district. Filled with natural and artificial sceneries, fancy hotels, restaurants and other highly rated establishments, Randwick is truly a great point to set off any adventure in Sydney.

So to answer the question on what to see in Randwick below is a detailed guide on five the most amazing things and places to watch out for:

1. The Randwick Racecourse

Get to see the world-class six-level royal and grandstand which spans more than 210 acres offering more than 15 unique spaces both indoor and outdoor. This royal racecourse offers an amazing setting with a super unique backdrop of trackside as well as the cityscape views, modern cuisine and not forgetting the state of the art technology.


2. Museum of human disease

This is Australia’s only place where pathology collection is publicly accessible. It houses more than 2,000 specimens of diseased human tissues. This is one place you will get to learn a lot about various infectious, both genetic and lifestyle-related diseases that actually changed the world.

3. Ritz Cinema

Randwick never limits you only to natural things. At Ritz Cinema you get to watch the latest movies on big screens as well as optimally adjusted surround sound system. This is one true destination for film lovers of all ages. It was built in 1937, and now it is used for keeping traditions as well as the heritage for it is one of the only two early and original Art Deco cinemas still standing in the entire Sydney.

4. The East Lake Golf Course

Sydney is a land filled with courses and unlike the others, the East Lake course is a public club implying that it is open to all people visiting this place. It is located in Sydney’s wetlands, and it has been transformed recently into the state of the art facility for both golfers and the other people taking a tour in it during their vacations. It is packed with great foods and drinks options in the course and the Clubhouse next to it.


5. Fred Hollows Reserve

Situated in the heart of Randwick City, Fred Hollows Reserve is a unique vegetated Gully which is a true natural place in Glebe. It has a 30-minute-walk footbridge which is all built on a creek. It is packed with picnic facilities which will give you natural viewing sites which will allow you to take in much of the flora and fauna that is just sitting in the tranquil space.

Book your Randwick Accommodation today and have a pleasant stay in the said destination.

Fun and exciting things to do in Singapore and Malaysia


If you love traveling and exploring the cultures of the different countries in the world, then you should head to Southeast Asia. Here, you will find exotic places with friendly and hospitable locals, not to mention the delightful food and delicacies.

Two of the countries that you should visit are Singapore and Malaysia, both of which are interesting places. And the good thing is traveling between these two places is quite easy since they are connected by land. You can cross the border through a bus or train, and you won’t have to worry about going to the terminals to get you a ticket or make an advance booking because you can conveniently do it on the Internet.

What to do in Singapore and Malaysia

These two are tourism-friendly nations, and they have a lot of tourist attractions. No wonder why thousands of travelers are heading to the said destinations to take a vacation and enjoy their holidays.

Here are some fun and exciting things that you can do in Singapore and Malaysia:


236ngtThere are various things that you can do in SG. You can go to Sentosa Island and enjoy its sandy beaches. You can sunbathe or experience the thrill of scuba diving, surfing, or snorkeling. If you are not into water activities, then might as well go for sightseeing. The main island of Singapore has a lot of skyscrapers – amazing buildings with wonderful architectural designs. You can also visit the historical landmarks as well as the shopping malls and the luxurious hotels that are truly world-class. At night time, you might want to consider visiting the bars and clubs where you can have a beer and meet new friends.


Malaysia is another stunning country that you can go to. It is rich in cultural heritages. If you go to its capital, which is called Kuala Lumpur, you will also see fantastic tall buildings. Don’t forget to visit the Petronas Twin Tower, one of the most popular landmarks in the country.

987bhgJust like Singapore, Malaysia also has all sort of entertainment from shopping malls to bars. If you plan on sightseeing, you should include Batu Caves, Merdeka Square, and National Art Gallery just to mention a few on your list. If you love going to the beach, you can go to Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Besar, Pulau Tioman, Turtle Beach, and much more.
There are so many activities that you can do in Singapore and Malaysia. You just have to plan ahead to ensure that you will have the best vacation ever.

A Quick Guide to Bali Villa Destinations


Bali is the ultimate holiday destination located in Indonesia. Due to its popularity, the island is always changing to be able to maintain its uniqueness to continue enchanting both local and international tourists. However, for a new as well as a regular visitor to the island, to fully experience Bali’s love for serenity and magic, it is imperative to go through a quick guide to Bali villa destinations. The amazing island offers a magnitude of incredible attraction, a vibrant and unique culture and a promise for an unforgettable vacation.

A quick guide to Bali villa destinations.asSDCDVadVdasdsd

The fact that the island is a hotspot for many travelers and has numerous choices at hand can make it quite overwhelming to get by. Different parts of the island offer an amazing yet completely distinct experience. Therefore, here is a simple guide to Bali to not only help you plan your trip but also to ensure that you have a relaxing and luxurious time.

What to see.

If you vacation includes getting to see all that the idyllic island has to offer, then your first step should be to hiring a car or taxi since recommended sights are usually far apart. The island has pleasant climate all year-round which means that you don’t have to worry about inclement weather. The island can be quite mysterious and not easy to grasp at the beginning of your trip. Nonetheless, some of the best attractions you must see in Bali include the Uluwatu Temple, Mount Banur, Tanah Lot Temple and Tegallalang Rice Terraces.

Activities to indulge in

There is too much to explore and indulge in. One of the most favorite activities is surfing. If you are looking to have the best surfing experience, then Bali is the perfect place for your holiday. Other events include sunrise hikes, sightseeing and shopping around Seminyak.

qaSDDsDVWaDwdqSeminyak is known as the shopping paradise characterized by many brand shops and boutiques for all your shopping needs. Residing around this place can be much better with Seminyak villas with 3 bedrooms. Also, people here are quite friendly and create a loving atmosphere to ensure you have an amazing experience. You can also choose to get pampered or get relaxing massages in one of the many affordable spas across the island.

Despite the fact that Bali is a small island, it offers a unique and tranquil features. However, when visiting Bali, having the best time of your life is a case of knowing what to do, where to stay and where to go hence the need for a quick guide to Bali villa destinations.

Important gear that backpackers need to have


When it comes to choosing backpacking gear, it can be a large task. If you are new to backpacking, then it can even be quite a frustrating situation. Part of packing your gear involves being able to fit everything into the backpack, while at the same time, keeping the backpack light enough to remain comfortable to carry.

You may be able to find a few items that you can leave behind. However, some items are important gear that backpackers need to have.They include the following.

1. Map

For getting around and general well being you will require a map. It doesn’t make a difference what sort of map you pick. Simply ensure it is nitty sufficiently gritty to demonstrate the trails and territory subtle elements of where you will knapsack.

2. A compass

To have the capacity to make compelling utilization of the guide, you simply stuffed, you will likewise require a compass. A few people have a tendency to overlook that a guide alone is not going to work. You need to know which course you are going. Make a point to get a decent quality compass that will withstand the components outside.

3. Lighting source


A lightweight and simple to utilize lighting source, an electric lamp is something you won’t have any desire to leave home without. It is critical that you generally can see where you are going. Not having satisfactory lighting can prompt to falls or wounds and that can destroy a decent exploring trip.

4. Food and clothing

You will probably not overlook nourishment and dress, but rather if something sudden happens? Rather than pressing exactly what you require. You ought to attempt to pack additional fair on the off chance that you get lost, experience terrible climate or stall out and not have the capacity to get back. You should dependably be set up for the unforeseen.

5. First aid kit

There are numerous things which can happen out in the wild, so pressing a medical aid unit is critical. Regardless of the possibility that you are going in an extremely well-kept zone, you can even now discover a requirement for a medical aid unit. Ensure you get a pack that is very much loaded with an assortment of provisions.

6. Multi-function knife


You ought to convey with you a blade, ideally a multi-work cut that has a few unique apparatuses incorporated into one. Apparatuses are critical, and the utilizations are interminable. You will require at least, however, a decent sharp blade that can slice through texture and string.

7. Waterproof matches

You ought to either convey waterproof matches or convey them in a waterproof holder.

8. Water

You should remain hydrated to remain sound while exploring. If you don’t convey water, then you should have the important supplies to sufficiently treat water.

Check here to see more practical travel gear that you need to have.

Botswana Tourist Attractions


With over 17% of the country already set aside as wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and game reserves, Botswana is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Some botswana safari attractions include amazing wildlife and the world renowned Okavango Delta. Annually, tourists from around the globe flock to the country to discover everything that Africa has to offer. From the capital Gaborone to the popular herds of elephant at the Chobe National Park, you will feel like you are exploring Africa’s best kept secret. Here are five top tourist attractions in Botswana:

Places to Visit

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is located in the world-famous Okavango Delta and extends across four different ecosystems. For example, the Savuti Marsh offers one of the largest populations of animals in Africa throughout the year. Chobe offers about 120,000 elephants, which are amazing to watch on a luxury safari, famous at sundown in Botswana. Herds of buffalo, eland, zebra and wildebeast can also be spotted at this time of the year. This national park is accessible by road, which makes it more affordable than many other parks in the country.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango River flows through the Kalahari Desert, forming a distinct inland water basin that is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The Okavango Delta is a popular destination where tourists can see a wide range of animals. The best time to visit Okavango Delta is around June, July, August, and October when the weather is dry and the mammals are more common on the islands. There are many luxury lodges and safari camps located in the area and most of them offer luxury walking safaris.

Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills offers a sacred art gallery, showcasing rock paintings from thousands of ancient San Bushmen. There are approximately 400 sites showcasing hunting scenes, animals, and dances. Some of the rock paintings date back over 20,000 years and archaeological experts believe that people were living in this region as early as 100, 000 years ago.

Nxai Pan National Park

AVAvccdvfbgnhjmThe Nxai Pan is one of the most beautiful safari destinations in Botswana. There are magnificent sand dunes, the popular Baines baobabs, and the salt pans that offer an excellent opportunity to explore a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Tuli Block

The Tuli Block offers a broad range of wildlife in Eastern Botswana. Initially, it was dominated by private farmers, but it has now been set aside as a wildlife sanctuary. Today, the Tuli block comprises several reserves, including the N. Tuli Reserve and Mashatu Game Reserve. It is an excellent area with some gorgeous rivers and magnificent baobab trees. Tourists are guaranteed to see wildlife throughout the year. There are plenty of cheetah, leopard and lion, along with huge herds of elephant. Since it’s private land, luxury walking safaris are offered.

Jobs That Require Traveling


As the world evolves each passing day, more jobs opportunity are created. Most of the jobs created in the global market are always that require one to travel by air, road, ship, or train to various destinations. The jobs allow an employee of an organization/ company to explore the world at the same time earning your daily income. The jobs that involve traveling are not only prestigious but well paying as well. These jobs that require traveling have their own merits and demerits.

Traveling Jobs


kjjjnnmbbBeing a photographer needs a lot of traveling since one would cover different events using pictures occurring at different regions. The source of income can come from running guided photography tours or sale of your images to magazines or websites.
Massage Therapists.

Massage therapy reduces stress, pain and muscles strain. Professional therapists can offer their skills to the travelers who are tired of moving trains or ships or even they can move from one place to another.


A pilot is the commander of any given aircraft.Flying is a job that combines the best of both worlds since one can fly to different continents. It pays well, but the road to becoming a pilot is not an easy one since you need to pass several tests all of which it needs a lot of money.

Flying Doctors

These are doctors that travel by air from their workstation to response to an emergency to a location where they are required. Mostly they move to areas that are not accessible by roads.

Cruise ship employee

There are dozens of jobs a cruise ship can offer such as hotel manager, entertainer, diving instructor, electrician, casino dealer, chef, musician, DJ and so on. One makes a living traveling around the world. The best part of it is that meals and accommodation are catered for the workers.

Flights Attendant

Their job is to enforce safety and security measures in an airplane. Cabin crew’s salaries vary from different airlines and the experience one has. Since they are part of any airline employees, their meals and accommodation are fully paid for by the company.

Being Exporter/ Importer

Exporting/ importing business one moving one country to another when buying or selling his goods and services with the aim of making a profit at the end of the transaction. Also being exporter or importer one may need to travel more research about the product he/she intends to import or export.


kjmmbbvvcxzA musician travels from one city to another or from one country to another. Apart from the sales of his music through as source of income, they arrange tours and concerts at different regions so as they can boost their income through ticket sales and merchandises.

Best 5 Water BackPacks for Your Vacation


Getting dehydrated when exercising or hiking is the fastest way to ruin your fun and compromise your performance. You need a good hydration system that will let you carry enough amount of water with a suitable valve to drink from anytime you want. Many people look for the best camelbak as it makes the hiking more enjoyable. From biking to hiking, running to climbing, we have outlined the best hydration pack available on the market.


Camelback Men’s Rogue Rating 4.8/5

Camelback Men’s Rogue is a 2-liter hydration pack that combines the convenience of outer fill in a glossy bike qwfvbjmklppack. It features two external small pockets for items like wallet, phone, or even keys. The elastic stretch panels on the sides are for opening out; the matching compression straps shrink down when empty. I am fully contented with this backpack because it perfectly fits everything I need for my hiking.

CamelBack ThermoBak 3L Rating 4.7/5

CamelBack has spent years trying to help runners minimize their health, comfort, and performance by providing them with the highest quality of drinking delivery systems. This is evident with the new Camelbak Thermobak 3L. This backpack is made of high quality to last you for years without fail plus its refilling process is very fast and easy.

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Rating 4.8/5

This hydration pack is designed with multiple adjustments, ventilated shoulder straps, and a modern cut to give you all-day comfort even when you are fully loaded. It is lightweight; weighs 2 pounds when unfilled and the pack is roomy enough for an overnight or day trip, and it comfortably fits both women and men. It also comes with a 2 inch opening for easy cleaning and filling.

Platypus Hoser Rating 4.8/5

I’m a devoted trail runner and for that reason, I have tried several hydration backpacks, but Platypus Hoser was the best for me. It feels thinner and tighter inside my pack, and you don’t have the irritating rubber or plastic taste that some have made the water taste far much better. I highly recommend this bag because of the design also and its durability. If you are a runner or hiker, go for this bag.

Osprey Packs Hydraulics LT Rating 4.7/5

afgnbkmmnOsprey Packs Hydraulics LT is perfectly made for fast and light activities where balance and weight are critical. It comes with a streamlined design to allow for easy packing into the inside hydration sleeves. I like the creative design of this pack because it makes cleaning and filling easier than ever to keep you hydrated all through plus the materials are fully certified food safe.

Traveling Tips to Laos: Ease the Hassle along the Way

Are you feeling the need to travel the world?

Whether you are taking a much-needed vacation to unwind or seeking a thrilling adventure, having some tips on your fingertips will go a long way ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Travelling is supposed to be easy and stress-free, but that is not always the case, especially during those times when you encounter delays and long drives.


  • To get you started on the right foot

read on to understand more about laos travel tips.

Remember, these tips may not make take away the travel problems, but at the very least, you will be familiar with what to expect and what to do while on the Laos Country land.

  • Get there on time

If you are heading to a place such as an airport, you have to prepare yourself early enough.

Also, if there is a way to avoid checking luggage, you should.

The process of inspecting bags could add an extra hour or so to your trip.

If, for some reason, you get late to the airport, inquire about the policies for those who check in late.

Some places have a provision to cater for lateness check-ins, so you may not be damned as you think.

  • mekong-773689_640Do not drive yourself

Much as it is fulfilling or that it gives you the freedom to drive at your pace, it is not necessarily a good idea to drive yourself.

In most cases, travelling during the holidays means that the roads are congested.

Further, if you are in a new place, you may not know how to maneuver your way around.

Therefore, where possible, let an experienced person cruise you around.

  • Make proper use of the smartphone

Your smartphone is everything, especially when you are away from home.

While on the road, anything can happen.

During such occurrences, having your phone at hand will help you reach out to your close friends and relatives.

Advanced technologies have paved the way for the creation of the camera feature that can take up to 40 megapixels.

So you might want to keep memories of the journey alive by using your phone.

  • Be prepared to deal with your childrenmonk-977208_640

Children always have a way of getting on your nerves during travelling.

Of course, they will be mischievous and playful, but you can keep the situation under control by not letting your eyes off them.

Prepare for the worst by keeping a few plastic bags with you just in case stomach problems develop.

A place like Laos is famous for its terrain that is mountainous alongside their rich culture.

Keep in mind the advice mentioned above, respect their culture, don’t show too much skin, don’t lose your cool, and you will be thankful for the laos travel tips.