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How to make money from your travel blog

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Making a decent income from blogging is possible. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to go about it. The trick is to learn how to explore the various avenues that can be used to generate income. Blogging is all about doing creative things to get money, and travel blogging is not any different. With travel blogging, you need to know how to make money while moving from different parts of the world because you still need to finance your lifestyle. There are several ways to make money from your travel blog just like travelFREAK explains.

Tips on making money blogging

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the common ways of makinglaptop, blogging money from your travel blog. However, with affiliate marketing and partnerships, you need to have a decent number of followers on your blog. When doing affiliate partnerships, you put links to products such as trips, hotels and also travel insurance on your blog. Whenever someone buys something through your website, you are entitled to a commission of the sale. The more sales you make, the higher the income. It is important to have a huge following so that the commission can translate to something decent.


If you are a travel blogger, then you are likely to take several tips in a bid to build content for your blog. There are times when travel bloggers are paid for the trips that they make so that they can share experiences about the trip as a marketing strategy. However, the paid trips are very rare, and they might be limited to the big and established bloggers. The good news is that bloggers can still take advantage of the free trips where the hotels or travel agencies cover the cost of traveling and other expenses.

Sponsored campaign

The use of sponsored campaign is an easy way for bloggers to make money. With a sponsored campaign, companies approach bloggers so that they can highlight their stories on the blog or social media platforms. The companies then have to pay for the story, and this is a straightforward method of earning money through blogging. The cost of the campaign will depend on the size of the blog.

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Brand ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador means that you represent a particular brand by talking about their products, advertising on their behalf and also appearing on all the posters. This is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online with travel blogging.

What to expect in a luxury yacht


A luxury yacht is one of the best holiday experience that you can ever get. Once you charter a holiday yacht, you can be sure that you will get to enjoy all the luxuries that you can get from a five star.If you are planning to charter a luxury yacht, then the first step is to know what you expect from the yacht. Here are some of the services and facilities offered in a luxury yacht.

What facilities does a luxury yacht offer?

Spa and sauna

A spa and sauna are important features that come with a luxury yacht. The role of a luxury yacht is to make sure that you are relaxed at all times. Most of the time, you will find a spa at the top of the yacht where you can enjoy relaxing pampering as you watch the sky. The staff and crew of the spa are meant to pamper you and treat you well. The sauna also has offered you relaxation of the muscles and also helps in healing pain and other diseases.


Gym and fitness center

Just because you are on holiday, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you ignore your fitness routine. A luxury yacht will always come with a gym and fitness center to take care of all your exercise needs. You can take time and workout while still in the yacht. A modern yacht should be equipped with all the necessary equipment needed for the workout.

Fine dining services

One thing that we cannot forget when we talk about a luxury yacht is fine dining. A luxury yacht will offer their clients fine dining service. By offering fine dining services, it means that all meals will be served based on international standards and presented well. You will get a personal chef who will also prepare meals based on your taste and preference.


Water sporting

A luxury yacht will come will come with water sporting activities as part of the package. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in water sports, you will always get something that suits your needs. The yacht will offer you the water sports toys to help you with the games, and even in some instances, you will get an instructor to assist you with the sports.

Some tips for the outdoor enthusiast



Many people like to travel, and each of us has our own idea of a good experience. Some people like to travel to exotic destinations like tropical islands to enjoy the beaches while others like the mountains. It is important no matter where you go that you are prepared for the weather and terrain. Here are a few tips that will help you to get the most of your travels.

Before you leave homeAA16

Many people make the mistake of leaving on their journey without first preparing. Preparation includes clothing, travel plans, accommodation, etc. So make sure you check the weather conditions in advance and pack everything you need. Let us now look at particular destinations and how you should get ready for them.


If you like fresh air, beautiful scenery and trees, going hiking can be a great experience. You need to be physically fit if you want to do this so make sure you do not have any adverse health conditions. You also need the right stuff for hiking. The Hiking Gear Guru 2017 review will help you gather all the necessary items for your nature adventure so that you will not have any problems along the way and you will be able to gain some amazing memories and extraordinary experiences.

Some things you will need when hiking are the right footwear like a pair of durable boots, clothing, food and maybe a place to sleep, which is often a tent. But if you are doing only a day hike, there would be no need for sleeping gear.


If you like the sand and surf, an excellent beach on a beautiful island is your best option. There are many fantastic destinations in Europe and Asia that you can check out if you want to have a good time. For such places, you do not need much in the way of clothing, beach shorts, shirts, and swimwear is all you need.

General requirements

On any trip, there are a few important things that any traveler should never forget. These include medications, money, travel documents, etc. Safety is also important so that you can enjoy your trip. For example, if you are going hiking in the mountains, make sure you have your identification papers safe so that they do not get damaged. You must also keep your family or friends informed of your movements, so they will know where you are in an emergency.

Traveling from Singapore to Legoland by Bus


Legoland is becoming a preferred destination for many people today. It is because of the development that is taking place in it. The attraction is due to the business transactions as well as the tourism sites. New parks are coming up to cater for all manner of individuals flocking the route from Singapore. Both citizens and non-citizens now frequent the places in the city. It happens mostly during weekends and holidays when they are free to take a memorable trip. Whether they are Malaysian or tourists from abroad, people have found it necessary to access Legoland by bus from Singapore. For the bus tickets from johor to Legoland click here. Taking a bus to travel from Singapore to Legoland is popular because of several reasons as stipulated below:



kkjjkjkjkkjkjkIt is more suitable to take a bus to Legoland from Singapore than any other means of transportation. It is because the distance between these two beautiful places is 45km only. For this reason, you will only spend about forty minutes to reach your destination. In addition to its nearness, taking a bus will allow you to explore the route. You can view remarkable landscape on your way, a phenomenon that will leave stunned and mesmerized. The third factor making it convenient to travel along this route by bus is the availability of buses. Several companies have invested in the transport industry facilitating movement between Singapore and Legoland. Some of them include Superior Coach & Tour and WTS Travel & Tours.


It is sensible to travel by bus due to the availability of buses transporting tourists and other citizens along this route. You have a guarantee that whenever you want to move from Singapore to Legoland, you will find a bus to take you there. The reliability of these buses is a good thing because it can make you plan your journey. You have the liberty to board at your appropriate time making it realistic. The most reflective element of this trip is the cost. The bus ticket from both sides is ranging from SGD12 TO SGD12.5 only. The price of the bus fare is affordable for most people thus reasonable to travel by bus.


hggggghAnother exciting thing about using a bus is the characteristics and services provided. You can opt to book a bus ticket online. Therefore, you have an opportunity to save money and time you could spend to book manually. The buses have all the equipment necessary to make your journey comfortable. They have the latest facilities. They also have leg spacing and armrest that make you feel at ease as you travel. Everyone also has the choice of selecting the pick-up and drop-off point in Singapore