Author: Madeleine Simmons

Preparing for Your Holiday


Who does not love a good vacation? Even the shortest and quickest getaway can put a huge smile on anyone’s face and make them happy for at least the next three days. If you are one of those people that get excited over the holiday season, then you might want to plan it months ahead of time so you can be prepared and not have to worry on a single thing when the day comes. Here are some tips on what you need to know so you can have a successful vacation.

Travel accommodations

luggageFrom how are you going to get there, where are you staying and what will be your mode of transportation at the holiday destination is the first thing that you need to figure out before moving on to any other preparation. Because it can be tricky to plan for a place where you have never been to, you can look up other people’s experience of traveling to that area and find out what would be the best for you. If you are a girl, then it is helpful to read a solo female travel blog because whether you believe in gender equality or not, the fact is traveling is different for girls. The goal is you want to find out how to have the safest and fun holiday possible. And to do that you can read first what another person did.


hikingYou don’t want to stay at your hotel and not experience the area, and it might be hard to decide on what to do if you haven’t research on anything beforehand. Search for what activities that you should do when you are at your holiday destination to make sure that you are not wasting the time that you spend there.


One thing that people often forgot to get informed about before visiting another area or country is about the culture that they have. Don’t be an ignorant tourist because you don’t want to bring shame to other tourists from your area or to yourself if you did something that’s insulting to their culture. For example, Bali is a famous beach destination. While you might only think about all of the fun that you can do there, you also need to remember that the Balinese is rich in culture and you don’t want to disrespect that. Don’t wear clothes that are frowned upon and avoid making stupid mistakes.

Bike Tours Central Park


The most popular tours in the central park are Central Park Bike Tour. Central Park has been so much devoted to their work since 2006 in providing their customers with the best-guided tours. Central Park bike tours is one of the top notch destinations that travelers can ever have. Accommodation is always a readily available for customers wishing to spend either the whole day in the park or only stay for a short period, as brief as an hour.



Other popular tours include the Walking Tour, Pedi cab Tour, Brooklyn Bridge Tour among many others. Bikes arejhjhjhjh usually the most preferable to many clients as they are not only swift but also portable. This makes movements from place to place in the park quick and more convenient.

It’s also convenient to make stopovers at any points of choice for the purpose of exploring those eye catching sceneries. For this reason, bike tours have been the most gone by customers.

Popular places on the tour

Brooklyn bridge tour is the most intriguing bike tour in the city. It goes around the most famous boroughs of the big apples, like ChinaTown, Times Square, little Italy and many others. On your way down Brooklyn Bridge, before watching and taking photographs of the vivid sunset, you will enjoy the view of Manhattan skyline.

There are so many other popular places that people enjoy riding to and along. These spectacular sites are rich with peculiar sceneries that have been outstandingly admirable for a long time. They include the following; Jackie Onassis reservoir, the BelvedereCastle, Bethesda Terrace, the Great Meadow, the Wolman ice skating Rink, the Shakespeare Garden, Brooklyn Bridge and the strawberry fields among others. These places are so much fun to ride along or in. Every time customers leave their bikes at the roadside just to catch glimpses of these grateful sites. Some do their photography there.

Bike rental

jhjhjhjhjhjhCentral Park bike tours have a great variety of high-quality and appropriately maintained bicycles that they rent their customers. They also provide experienced tour guides who go along with their clients on the journey through those fascinating United States urban parks. The tour guides will ensure that the trip of the client is fun by showing them the best routes to the places of their choices, attend to them in the case of an accident and some help customers carry snacks and drinks on their tour.

Central Park bike tour guarantees that the heart beaming experiences of riding into, along and across these spectacular places will forever be in the customer’s memory not to mention the best scenery for their photo albums.

Best 5 Water BackPacks for Your Vacation


Getting dehydrated when exercising or hiking is the fastest way to ruin your fun and compromise your performance. You need a good hydration system that will let you carry enough amount of water with a suitable valve to drink from anytime you want. Many people look for the best camelbak as it makes the hiking more enjoyable. From biking to hiking, running to climbing, we have outlined the best hydration pack available on the market.


Camelback Men’s Rogue Rating 4.8/5

Camelback Men’s Rogue is a 2-liter hydration pack that combines the convenience of outer fill in a glossy bike qwfvbjmklppack. It features two external small pockets for items like wallet, phone, or even keys. The elastic stretch panels on the sides are for opening out; the matching compression straps shrink down when empty. I am fully contented with this backpack because it perfectly fits everything I need for my hiking.

CamelBack ThermoBak 3L Rating 4.7/5

CamelBack has spent years trying to help runners minimize their health, comfort, and performance by providing them with the highest quality of drinking delivery systems. This is evident with the new Camelbak Thermobak 3L. This backpack is made of high quality to last you for years without fail plus its refilling process is very fast and easy.

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Rating 4.8/5

This hydration pack is designed with multiple adjustments, ventilated shoulder straps, and a modern cut to give you all-day comfort even when you are fully loaded. It is lightweight; weighs 2 pounds when unfilled and the pack is roomy enough for an overnight or day trip, and it comfortably fits both women and men. It also comes with a 2 inch opening for easy cleaning and filling.

Platypus Hoser Rating 4.8/5

I’m a devoted trail runner and for that reason, I have tried several hydration backpacks, but Platypus Hoser was the best for me. It feels thinner and tighter inside my pack, and you don’t have the irritating rubber or plastic taste that some have made the water taste far much better. I highly recommend this bag because of the design also and its durability. If you are a runner or hiker, go for this bag.

Osprey Packs Hydraulics LT Rating 4.7/5

afgnbkmmnOsprey Packs Hydraulics LT is perfectly made for fast and light activities where balance and weight are critical. It comes with a streamlined design to allow for easy packing into the inside hydration sleeves. I like the creative design of this pack because it makes cleaning and filling easier than ever to keep you hydrated all through plus the materials are fully certified food safe.